Philofaxy All Stars Guest Post by Lime Tree: Filofax Swap – A Classy Attempt

Finally here I am at Zoe’s blog!

Back in the days when the PhilofaxyAllStarTeam released we both agreed to exchange posts about our Health/Fitness Filofax.

Great idea, huh? You probably have read her guest post here on my blog. It was a very popular one and I keep receiving visitors on that one 🙂

Well, two months passed by and here I am with my Fit-o-fax, right?


My orange Domino is still looking at me waiting for those exercise trackers and food logs. I am just not into getting healthy these days! 😀

Seriously, I need to get to it, but as it may happen after the Holiday splurge *any excuse* I thought I should get going on something different for sweet Zoe.

So here I am following my journey of bouncing around Filofaxes. As we do, ya know? 🙂

My latest update on that can be found at Vanjilla’s blog, and to pick up where I left, I present you my Filofax Swap 5 – A Classy Attempt starring Almond Slimline Amazona:

Very classy isn’t it?

Yeah, I pet it, opened/closed, and played with it a lot! I mean way too much. and at work!

One of the days I literally had to “put it away” like an addicting candy box just so I could stop poking it and concentrate on getting stuff done.

At work, inside a drawer to help me “behave”

Well, although I had a great time touching and sniffing at it, I managed to get even further into my planner fail while we were hanging together.

So, let’s talk about it! (when a relationship doesn’t work, you need to talk about it, right?)

As you can see, for a slimline it was holding quite a lot:

But it didn’t really hold what I needed.

I could fit tabs for blog, notes and possibility – as you can obviously read:

 Than the next row I managed to add 5 more tabs.

First one for journaling (the smiley face) for when I am not home and don’t have my gorgeous Baroque with me. Second one (the check mark) for to-do lists, third one (circle) for health stuff…

  Fourth for movies, books and music (again when I am away from my Baroque – I usually transfer the pages or the notes when I get home) and fifth for shopping lists.

When I was using Chamomile it was a pain in the butt to be transferring over the weekly sheets as I run out of them so quickly.

Obviously the slimline wouldn’t make that process any easier, it rather became more frequent. Adding to the fact that I wasn’t even liking my layout AND the wonderful colorful post by Imy, I ended up with this:

 Writing by hand on the top of the page the current week and writing to-dos.

Not practical to plan ahead at all. I liked the color paper thou and kept on that “system” till…well today.

For daily thoughts and more detailed to-dos I would do exactly the same, a blank colored page.

And to find them I used a tab with an arrow:

 and for the month a grid:

Now, besides the fact that I can’t put a month’s worth of weekly pages inside the organizer, there are three more draw backs to it:

1- The left pocket is one of those loose ones (not sure how it is called), so every time I opened/closed it, the sticky notes would rub on that pocket and bend the corners. Here is the pocket:

with the sticker I got from Rori at our mini-MeetUp 😉

I then had to flip the flyleaf backwards so the sticky notes wouldn’t get damaged. Like this:

It is not handy, I tell ya.

2- The leather scratches very easy. There is a scratch from the zipped plastic envelope on the leather! I guess the leather is too delicate.

See, I carry the plastic envelope in the back of it all as I use the stuff in there just once in a while (receipts, stamps, etc). But, it made some marks on that sensitive Amazona leather:

The pic is not showing it well, but it is very noticeable in person! Really!
Not that I am picky or anything…. 😀

 So once I realized this was happening I folded and tucked in a paper in the back pocket so it would in between the zipper and the leather like this:

Not pretty, huh?

Well, moving on.

3- The Filofax curse: Pen Loop!

When I got this organizer, the pen loop was just like new, super flat against the cover.
I almost never put pens in the pen loops because I know they don’t fit but for some reason I decided to experiment on that one. I SO REGRET DOING IT!

First, as you can see just like Chamomile, once the pen is placed, it falls right on top of the tabs:

So to close it, I need to pull it to the side and then release the elastic:

It works, and somehow the pen finds its way around the tabs:

I used like that for a while but it got old as every single time I opened the organizer, the pen was stuck in a few tabs and I had to pull it out again.
I then decided to go back to no-pen in the pen loop and what happens?
The darn thing stretched out and now the organizer won’t close all the way even without the pen!

How annoying is that?

Ah! And that reminded me of another thing! So we are now into the is 4th issue already!

Ya know, I never really like the way clasp closures look. And by that I mean all Filofax clasp closures.  So  I have been always obviously drawn to slimlines and Dominos as they look like simple notebooks.

Shocking news is that I SO MISSED a clasp closure on this one! I now have a total different respect for that little leathered-button thingy.

Without that EVERYTHING got into my Filofax! Really, everything!
I always put the organizers with the “opened” side facing up as random papers that are not stored on pockets or the plastic envelope may fall off. In this case because there was nothing holding the whole organizer together EVERYTHING I carelessly toss into my purse  would fall inside of it! Pens, coins, other random papers and the worse – keys! I almost flipped when I saw my keys bending all my pages INSIDE my Filofax.

I now love clasp closure!

On a side note, just so I don’t offend my slimline feelings, I need to say that this organizer is totally GORGEOUS! the color, the texture… I really struggled taking my hands off it!  Only for keeping my life together, that beauty wasn’t of much help! 😀

Well, sweets….are you still there? Thank you for reading it all the way!

I have been in an open and shameless planner failure for a while now and of course, need to figure something out before the new year starts.  I can’t live off to-do lists on a day-to-day basis. Planning is crucial!

Keep your fingers crossed that my next update will be a much more organized one! Because that’s what this is all about, right? 🙂

Smooches to you all and thank you sweet Zoe for hosting me here! ❤

————————-> Keep tuned for Filofax Swap 6 – Never giving up! —————————>

Never give up indeed! Thanks to the glorious and illustrious Lime Tree for such a great post with such yummy pictures! I’m sure we all feel the pain of the ongoing planner conundrum…keep the faith girl…we all know you’ll come up with something epic : )

I Did a Guest Post!

The fabulous and fantastic Kanalt has graciously allowed me to return the favor of doing a “What’s In My Bag” post on her blog, Well Planned Life : )

Check it out here:


Philofaxy AllStars Guest Post by Kanalt17: Bag, Bag, Bag – and Another Bag!

Thanks to Zoe for allowing me to guest post on her wonderful blog!

Today I am writing about my latest bag acquisitions.  (Lord knows, there’s probably more, but these are the ones I’m going to talk about today.)

First, my new pen bag.

I bought this little bag at Barnes & Noble when I was there last.  I didn’t need a pen bag, wasn’t looking for one.  But the owls caught my eye (I love owls).  And canvas is pretty durable, so I figured, why not.  Obviously, I keep my pens in here.

There is plenty of room for my pens, pencils, and highlighters.

You can read about the brand of pens and how I color code here.

There are actually two compartments in the bag—the bigger portion (where I keep my pens) and a smaller portion (where I keep a white out roll).

On the back of the bag, there are two snaps.

This allows you to snap the two sides together, making a (what would seem) smaller bag.

I suppose this is meant to make it easier to put into a tote or work or travel bag, but I felt that it was too difficult to get my pens out using the bag this way.  I keep it open and flat.  I don’t carry this pen bag with me—it stays on my desk and when I’m planning and/or working, it’s out in the open, giving me easy access to all of the pens I might need.  However, the bag is slim enough that I can easily place it into a tote bag or travel bag when I need to.

Bag number 2 is my summer bag—the LeSportsac Carryall Tote.

I bought this bag after buying my first Carryall Tote.  It’s perfect for work—it’s so roomy, I can fit everything I need and then some.

And unlike my brown tote, this floral one provides a light, spring/summer feel, perfect for—you guessed it—spring and summer.  Since I’ve already reviewed the style itself, I’ll just go over what’s in it.

Here we have (from left to right, top to bottom) my iPad, The Happiness Project (I’m not currently reading this, but I do always carry a book with me, I just didn’t have my current one handy, so this is a stand-in for the purpose of the post), my Coach wallet, my rain hat (I don’t like to carry umbrellas—it’s one more thing for me to hold—but I do need something to keep my glasses from getting wet, which prevents me from seeing), my LeSportsac “essentials” bag (see review of this below), Ms. Plum, a Vera Bradley wallet (contains my store rewards cards and various coupons), a tote bag that rolls up small (I use this if I have a ton of items to bring home/return to the library), my sunglasses, my new iPhone, gum, a pen for whenever I might need one, and my keys (note the Vermont “Moo” key chain—it’s also a bottle opener—one always needs to access beer quickly, though not at work).

Moving on!

The “essentials” bag that I mentioned above is the LeSportsac Boxed Travel Cosmetic bag.  Note the stitching on the front.

It has a top main zippered compartment and a front zippered pocket.

When I read that the inside was pink, I was a little nervous, as I’m not a pink person.  But upon arrival, I was happy to see that it’s a very muted and calm pink.

I call it my “essentials” bag because there is absolutely no makeup in it.

Inside is a sample size of deodorant (a lady must always smell fresh), Purell (for when you need to be clean), lotion (for when you need to moisturize), Advil (for when you have pain), Tide stain stick (no stains here!), a toothbrush (fresh breath is preferred—but fear not, I don’t brush my teeth in random places), a hair clip, a sample compact mirror (to check that there’s nothing in my teeth or up my nose), floss (for when you see food stuck in your teeth upon using said mirror), Chapstick (an item I can’t and don’t live without), toothpaste for said teeth brushing, and a hair brush.

The front pocket holds lady items—no one wants to see that, so we’ll be skipping the details here.

Let’s just say that these are all things I cannot live without carrying with me.

Once full, my tote bag still has plenty of room for other items.

I can still toss (and do) a sweater for the day (my office is ridiculously cold), a DVD, CD or audiobook that needs to be returned to the library, and other items (sometimes an extra pair of shoes if I’m going out after work).

That’s quite a lot!

We now come to our fourth and final bag for this post, my new autumn weekend bag.

This is yet another LeSportsac tote, the Medium Travel Tote to be exact.  I bought this little beauty off of eBay.  I love this style for the weekend, as illustrated by my previous post of a different pattern.

I love the three zipped pockets on the front.

There’s plenty of room inside to carry what I need to during the weekend (basically, everything I carry during the week minus the iPad, the book, the hat, and the roll-up tote bag).  What’s neat-o about this find is that it comes with a matching cosmetic bag.

I probably won’t use it with this bag because I’ll more than likely be using the essentials bag from above—it’s easier to move one essentials bag from tote bag to tote bag rather than moving all of that little stuff.


So that’s it for now.  It sounds like I’ve bought out LeSportsac, but really these purchases were made over the course of several months.  I’m sure there will be another bag purchase before the end of the year (but, maybe not).  We shall see.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of “What’s In My Bag.”

**Note: I am in no way affiliated with or getting kickbacks from Barnes & Noble or LeSportsac.  I just happen to like their products.**


Wow, thank you so much for this fantastic guest post!!  I have me some bag envy going on for sure!! And now I must go check to go see if there is anything in my teeth….

Philofaxy AllStars Post for Lime Tree – Fitofax

Check out the AllStars guest post I did for the lovely and amazing Lime Tree!!

It’s all about my  new Fit-ofax and I think you’ll love the hot pink juiciness of it and of course stay tuned to my blog for periodic updates on my fitness program!

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