Filofax Original A5- the Dark Teal Reveal!


Recently Filofax UK was generous enough to send me an utterly gorgeous dark teal Filofax Original in A5 size to review. Technically, they are calling this dark aqua, but to my eye it looks more like a jewel-like teal tone.

Plus, “teal” and “reveal” rhyme. Nothing cool rhymed with “aqua”.

Anyway, my love for Filofax’s “Original” line is no secret. I have written about it in both the stunning patent fuchsia and the ever classic retro brown.

But those were personal size and this is A5 size. So this post will be completely  different ; )

Ok, on to the gorgeousness of the dark teal….did I mention that, no matter what you choose to call it, the color was gorgeous?! Just checking.

The iconic "f" subtly embossed on the spine

The iconic “f” subtly embossed on the spine

The Original is as awesome in the larger size as it is in its smaller incarnation. Both lay flat right out of the box and while the single heft of luxurious leather is the same thickness as the personal size, it feels more pliable in A5 (probably because there is more leather surface). It is not so floppy as to be unstable when writing on one’s lap…I would compare it almost to a Malden, but perhaps just a tad more structured.

Anyway, on with the reveal!


The outside front of this lovely  Original A5

And the back

And the back

The interior layout of the A5 is exactly the same as the personal size…only, you know…bigger.

This next bit is photo intensive, so hang on!

Inside the front cover

Inside the front cover. Still we have the “Multi-functional elastic holder”, two slits that will accommodate business cards, and a slip pocket behind

Side note: I think the color of this particular shot (above) is actually the most accurate showing of the color. Despite my efforts taking the photos outside in natural light, most of the other photos look more blue than it actually is in person.

The inserts that come with this lovely planner are:

The dashboard page

A cool “Made in the UK” dashboard page

First up are 6 colored, numbered tabs

Six colored, numbered tabs, alternating between blue and pale green

To do sheets

To do sheets

Some lined note paper

Some lined note paper

Quadrille paper

Quadrille paper

Some plain paper for you sketchers and artists out there 😉

Contact pages (though, there are no A-Z contact tabs with this planner

Contact pages (though, there are no A-Z contact tabs with this planner)

Blue note paper

Blue note paper

Pretty green note paper

Pretty green note paper that, in my opinion, goes strikingly well with the color of the binder

Pink note paper

Pink note paper

Now comes the 2014 diary pages. As usual, you get a full year of week on two pages

Now comes the 2014 diary pages. As usual, you get a full year of week on two pages

Looks like the WO2P sheets have been slightly re-designed with iOS 7-like round dates

Looks like the WO2P sheets have been slightly re-designed with iOS 7-like round dates. Me likey!

Then you have your frosted page marker ruler and a frosted page protector sheet

Then you have your frosted page marker ruler and a frosted top-opening page protector sheet

The inside back has the Flex-esque jot pad and a slip pocket behind.

The inside back has the Flex-esque jot pad and a slip pocket behind.

Ok, so that’s what comes with the Original A5 when you get it. Now on to how I have customized it…the best part of any Filofax 🙂

First off, I am pleased to announce that I have found very functional uses for the now infamous Multifunctional Elastic Holder.

In the outer elastic section I have my vivid pink Pilot Prera fountain pen (the stretchy loop will also fit a 4-barrel Coleto or a Lamy Safari and still allow the binder to be snapped closed). The middle section houses my DayTimer hot list sticky pad, and the other smaller section, which I think is meant to be a second pen loop…but I find placing a pen there creates an awkward lump in the right hand pages when writing on them…I have a pad of sticky flags.

Et voila! Multi-function goodness achieved!

Next up, my set up:

My "Life is Good" sticker dashboard

My “Life is Good” sticker dashboard

This is a clear plastic sheet with my favorite sticker in the whole wide world on it. I use it as a dashboard for random, temporary sticky notes and/or flags that I want to see first thing upon opening my planner.

Then I have my tabs:


Rather ironic that my “Capture” tab…possibly the messiest bunch of scribbled notes on the planet…gets the Simplify sticker, lol!

I’ve got six subject tabs which are, respectively, “Capture” (brain dump), “Quotes” (cool quotes I find that I want to jot down), “Info” (reference sheets, topics to look up, etc), “Projects” (this tab holds a bunch of To Do sheets, with each sheet being a list of action items for a particular project – mostly household), “Blogging” (ideas for things to write about) and finally “Finances” (Filofax check register sheets and a plastic envelope for receipts waiting to be entered into the register).

As you can see, I have decorated each tab with a Life is Good sticker because I am about as creative as a Galapagos Land Tortoise and stickers were the best I could do.

Now, I am in no way affiliated with either Filofax nor Life is Good…but I do love both brands and use each copiously  as often as I can. Usually together.

But I digress…………


“Quotes” gets a colorful peace sign. I don’t know why. It just does.


“Info” gets a seashell. The quote around the sticker says “The little things in life are the big things, founded on the timeless principles of simplicity, humility and a sense of humor”.

Now that I think about it, this one probably would have gone better on the “Quotes” tab given that it has an actual quote on it.


Anyway, next comes “Projects” with a colorful daisy. For no apparent reason.


The “Blogging” tab got another daisy. Daisys are my favorite flower, so I had quite a few of that flavor of Life is Good stickers on hand I guess.

2014-06-15 18.30.57

Finally comes “Finances”, which appropriately enough gets a green sticker with the admonition to Grow. As in, quit spending money on planners and planner accessories you dope or you will have no retirement!

Yeah, right! That sticker doesn’t know me very well does it, lol!

2014-06-15 18.31.08
So there you have it folks, the spectacular awesomeness of the dark teal (dark aqua…whatever) Original Filofax revealed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…these binders are truly beautiful and well worth every penny. The all-leather construction will last for years and the classic design & zen-like simplicity of the interior make the Original a beautiful addition to any Filofax collection.


Sigh…how could you not swoon?!


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  1. Angela
    Jun 19, 2014 @ 02:17:30

    This color is so delicious! One of my favorite colors! It reminds me of a dark version of that early 90’s teal. I had to splurge on one. I’m new to Filofax (since last year) and thought I’d only ever need one. I wondered how anyone could need more than one or two (at those prices!)…and now I have several and would like more. My favorite is the aqua Malden. My favorite color is the old Aqua Finsbury that I wish they still made. If they put that color on a Malden, it would be my dream Filofax.

  2. Shelly
    Jul 07, 2014 @ 23:36:53

    I had the patent fuchsia and patent purple before and I loved them…but I have to say this Dark Aqua made me swoon the moment I saw it! Loved this post, thanks for the in depth review!

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