Suddenly Craving Chowda

Okay, so my impulse buy  Slimline Boston just arrived.

“f-ing right!”

Obviously, I haven’t had time to play with it or “move in” yet, but here is a quick first impression:

“it’s wicked pink”

I would describe this as a darker, more blue-hued pink than any of the other Filo’s I have. Below you can see it piled on top of a Deep Pink Domino A5 (my current fave shade of Filofax pink) and my hot pink Otterbox iPad Mini case for comparison.

It’s almost a Raspberry. Not quite there, but almost. When I do the full review I will show it against virtually all the pink Filo’s I own. And trust me, that’s kind of become A LOT while you guys weren’t looking, so…be ready.

“flat, right outta da bohx”

The leather is quite nice, very soft and pliable without being floppy, but as Laurie said in her review, I was very disappointed that considering what I paid for this baby (even on sale from Pens & Leather) it has cheap feeling fabric inside rather than leather.

The Filofax website describes the Boston this way, “This classic design is both elegant and sophisticated, and is crafted in luxury Nappa leather. Each Boston is marked with a silver metal ‘f’ – the assured sign of impeccable quality. Boston is the perfect chic accessory.

Um…using words like “elegant”, “sophisticated”, “luxury” and “impeccable quality” and then slapping an el cheapo fabric liner inside is a wicked pissah.

I dunno. I’m tryin here, I really am. But I’m not actually FROM Boston.

Anyway, the interior of a Finsbury feels nicer for crying out loud. Come on Filofax…if you’re going to charge us for a high-end binder, don’t skimp on materials.

Here’s a shot of the embossing inside the front cover. Yes, the leather is “deluxe”. Thing is…the whole thing isn’t leather.

As was mentioned in the comments to Laurie’s review, the leather is a bit cushy.  So while this binder is called a Slimline, at 1 1/2″ thick, I don’t know how slim I’d consider it.

And that’s without a pen (or pens…it has 2 loops) in the pen loop. Yikes.

The rings appear to be typical for a Slimline, at about 1/2″.

The back does have a cool, full length slip pocket that could be quite useful for a checkbook register, if one were going to use this as a planner/wallet combo…which is my plan.

“or put your dollahs here for when you go to the packie”

So all in all…is this a nice binder? Yes. Do I feel it’s worth the premium price? Faaaaack no.  Filofax is getting a bit out of hand with their penchant for fashion over function, and is charging us an awful lot of money for increasingly shoddy product quality. This is a $60 binder; $70 tops, given it’s crappy fabric lining.

Right now on Filofax USA you can snag a brown Holborn Slimline on sale for $59.50. If that came in actual colors, I’d have gone with that over this in a crack whore’s heartbeat.

That being said, will I return it? I have no idea at this point. I like the odd color and none of the Slim’s or Compacts on the market right now really float my boat, so I’ll have to go home, set it up, play with it a bit and see.

Stay tuned for a full review of use, and mega pink comparison!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kanalt17
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 21:40:52

    I like that the rings are 1/2 inch, but I’d call it a compact then and not a slimline (why does Filofax mix their names and their ring sizes — very confusing!). My guilford slimline has a ring size of — I think — 1/4 inch (I’m not sure I’m correct on that, but I know it’s not 1/2 because that’s what all of my compacts are). I too am awaiting a compact with color. Hopefully something will appear soon, at a reasonable price!

  2. Cheryl
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 02:33:41

    The color is very snazzy. Like it. I know what you mean about the lining though. I just got a pocket Chameleon in the mail today and though this is lower end binder, I also think the lining in the wallet part is so cheap looking and feeling. I wasn’t really expecting a leather lining at that price point but something nice. I agree also about the Holborns. What is up with brown, black and wine? I love me a nice rich brown and classic black sometimes. But the Holborn is just so…boring…in those colors. I ordered a black one, sent it back, then ordered a brown one and sent it back as well. As much as I loved the layout and the soft feel of the leather, I just couldn’t cope with the drabness. I think a Holborn would look great in a stunning pink and even some shade of green (teal maybe) with that rich buttery leather.

  3. Josh LaPorte
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 16:55:45

    Well, I agree, the point of a slimline is that it is slim, and 1 inch thick is not particularly slim. I do love that color!

  4. Cruz
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 10:05:00

    Two pen loops in a Slimline? How weird!

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