Holy Shit, I Wrote a Poem

I used to write poetry.  Some of it was decent even. Got published. Got snaps at the local java houses.

Then I stopped.

Not sure why…just didn’t speak that way to the world anymore I guess. Or, it didn’t speak to me that way. Maybe that’s it.

People change, life changes. My truth comes out as prose these days.

But not this day.

It was there, swirling around in my post-alarm snoozing mind, like a blurry vision. When I tried to dismiss it, the words poked at me until I rose and fetched my pen.

Perhaps it came from the rain – this weather always makes me look inward (where things are not so grey), perhaps it was born from the chuckle I had yesterday when I pulled out my fuchsia umbrella and stuck it in my bag, just in case (because my new-found love of color still makes me grin and shake my head), or perhaps the consumptive thoughts of basking in sunshine with toes firmly burrowed into warm Mexican sand with my best friend (in a mere three days) drove  me to it.

Don’t know.   Don’t care.   Just wanted to share.

Hey, that rhymes…which is more than I can say for my poem ; )

Anyway, here it is. I’m not saying it’s any good, but it is from my soul:

i love you…


harder and stronger than i’ve dared or wanted to
love anything or anyone in all of my days


i love you with sharp intakes of breath, guttural moans
and rippling butterfly wings, far lower than my stomach


i love you like a coyote loves the moon,
or as the tide does; i couldn’t resist your pull if i wanted to


i love you with all i have, all that i am.
 my eyes shine with desire to love you as all i and we will yet become.


as you are now, today, without limit or condition
no matter what tomorrow brings, or next week, next year,
next lifetime…

i love you

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