Day 28 #Happiness



It is Jewish tradition to place a small stone on the head marker of departed loved ones when visiting their grave sites.

There is some debate as to the origin of this tradition…some say harkens back to the time when graves were marked by cairns. Each time the site was visited, a stone would be replaced on the cairn, and so the marker would endure for generations.

Others say it is an old superstition to bind the deceased’s soul to the grave.

Still others…and I am a big fan of this one…say that, unlike flowers which will eventually wilt and lose their beauty, placing a stone on the head marker means that your love for them and your memory of them is as undaunted by time as rock itself.

Today would have been my Aunt’s 79th birthday, were she not murdered six years ago. I went to see her today, to say that I remember her and that I miss her every minute of every day. It warmed my heart to see so many stones there. Sometimes mine is the only one, but not this year.

I love you Aunt Sandy and always will. Memories of you today are my happiness.

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  1. Hannah C.
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 13:54:57

    I’m so sorry about your aunt.

    I’d never heard of this custom, but it seems like a lovely one.

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