Day 15 #Happiness

Things that throw you

Sometimes things happen that just…throw you for a loop. It seems this happens to me kind of a lot. At times it’s easy to laugh, shake it off, tell an interesting story and move on. Other times shit happens and even though you may laugh about it and tell the story, it stays with you like a bitter taste on your tongue.

Why is this making my happiness post today? Because it is precisely these times that I am uniquely able to clearly see who I am and what I need to do.

Being thrown for a loop seems to clear away the BS, dissipate the fog as it were. It’s like a wake up call. It’s a reminder….we’ve had loops before. We’re still here. We’re still kicking ass.

So I welcome a good loop now and again. They clean the air like a storm; freshen things up.

There’s only one thing to do when you realize you’re in one…put up your hands, throw your head back, scream like hell and enjoy the ride.


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