Guest Post – Keeping Up With the Philofaxians

Another All-Stars guest post!! Hooray!

This time by the lovely, intelligent and amazing Kanalt of Life Well Planned.

I think you are REALLY going to love this one…

“I have mentioned before throughout the blogosphere that I am not one for reality television.  However, that is a bit of a lie.  The truth is that I’m not one for the “fake” reality shows.  And by that I mean those shows where the whole point is to watch a family with too much money bicker at each other or a group of twenty-somethings living the college life in a beach front rented house.  You know what I mean.  But I occasionally participate in watching the “real” reality shows where one can experience a particular job a group of people do or a contest where people have to actually cook or make something with their own hands, using ideas that come from their own brain—reality shows where people actually do something rather than sitting around barking out orders to other people and/or getting so drunk they air their unmentionables.

My husband and I don’t make a point of watching the “real” reality shows, but when we’re home with nothing else to watch we will turn on one of these shows.  We’re learned about antiques and auction houses, about driving big rigs in the Alaskan tundra, about how to create new menus on a food truck all while competing for the grand prize, and even about the grossest jobs in America.

One show we just happened to turn on one day is about a group of people with all different professional backgrounds coming together in a large house in what appears to be Colorado for the sake of engaging in one hobby—shooting guns.  It’s some kind of elimination game.  From what I can tell (after having seen only a couple of episodes) there are two teams.  Each team member must compete against someone from the other team while running an obstacle course (much like the ones used for military training) and then engaging in a shooting competition.  At the end, when everyone has had their turn, the team who finishes first wins.  Then, people within each team get eliminated, mostly by the other teammates voting them out.  They use agility, speed, precision, and accuracy as a way to determine who is worth their salt and who should go home.  And, yes, sometimes it’s about simply not liking a person.

I’m not much of a gun person—I can see why people like shooting as a hobby, and I don’t mind watching this kind of a thing, but it’s not something I would ever engage in (well, at least not unless someone presented me with the opportunity).  So while I’m watching this show with my husband, my first thought was, It’s kind of cool, though not really my cup of tea.  My second thought was, But how cool is it that a group of strangers get together to participate in something they’re so passionate about?  My third thought was, Shit!  We should totally do this among the Philofaxy group!

So I ask you, my friends—how awesome would it be if we all got together in one house to have a Philofaxy tournament?

**Disclaimer: The ideas presented below are for entertainment purposes only. Everything mentioned is said with a great deal of sarcasm and humor.  The listing of people who will play is not intended to leave anyone out.  Anyone can join this imaginary game.  However, the people listed below have no choice in the matter.  They must appear in person to the castle (named “The Island”) in rural England upon receipt of their certified invitation.  Please consult your physician before enrolling in this program.**

The Players:

J of The Crazy Life of J – She must bring her photographer boyfriend so that he can document the happenings (despite his objections of photographing Filofaxes of all things).

Imy of Imy’s World – She must bring her roller skates so that we can all unwind at night with some fancy skating.  She will be our teacher.

SNARL of The SNARLing Post – She can help us turn the innocent roller skating into a derby competition when things get rough and we need to eliminate some players.

CP of Musings of a Caribbean Princess – Every competition needs a princess.  Her collection of Bayswater handbags doesn’t hurt either.  They can be given away as prizes for the winner.

Laurie of Plannerisms – She has a sound mind and can be the voice of reason when things get out of control.  She can also provide background information on other planner brands.

Steve – The Philofaxy alpha-male, he will wear the King’s crown.  All this means is that he will wear a crown.  He can also provide any background needed on any Filofax matter.

Tommes – His role is to keep Steve company.  We can’t let the alpha-male role and crown-wearing status get to Steve’s head too much.

Zoe of Zeitgeist of Zoe – With her bin of planners she will arrive.  Her collection is the crux of this entire operation.

Me – Because it was my idea.  And I have immunity.

The Rules:

Once all of the players are gathered, we will go around the room and introduce ourselves—where we’re from, how long we’ve been involved with Philofaxy, what binders we own and how they’re used, what we hope to achieve at this competition.

All binders will be presented.  They will be passed around the room for everyone to touch and examine.  Placebo inserts will be provided for testing purposes only.  Then, each player will submit a vote as to which binder should be eliminated from the game and why.  (The Apex will not appear in this competition, as we all know it will be the first binder to be voted off The Island.)

Once there is only one binder left, each participant will design his or her own inserts to go into the winning binder.  The inserts will then be judged (your name will not appear on the design).  Only one design will win.  Once the design has been chosen, the creator will be revealed.  He or she will receive the King’s Crown, the Bayswater handbags, and a $100,000 Filofax gift certificate.

The Judge

Judge Rori, complete with her black robe, lacy collar, and pearl necklace, will choose the winning insert design (because she has yet to find a Filofax system that works well for her—maybe yours can be the chosen system).  She will base her decision on creativity, color palette, layout, paper quality, availability of monthly tabs, and overall design implementation.  The decision of Judge Rori is final.

To Participate:

If you would like to participate in this adventure, please leave a self-addressed, stamped message in the comments below.  We will mail you your official invitation.  Please have your invitation in hand when you arrive at The Island.  Participants who fail to do so will be immediately eliminated.

The Show:

Each episode will cover one day of the game.  Each night a binder will be voted off.  After 30 weeks and 30 binders and 30 episodes, a winning binder will be chosen.  The 31st week and episode will determine the winner of the insert design.

Participants must sign a waiver for the televised production of this adventure.  The show will appear on cable stations as “Keeping Up with the Philofaxians.”  Players will not be awarded any monetary gifts.  Cheating, swindling, and buddy systems are strictly prohibited.

“Keeping Up with Philofaxians” is taped in front of a live studio audience.  This program and Closed Captioning are brought to you by Filofax, Post-it products, and by the letter P.

Let the games begin.”


Wasn’t that a fantabulous idea??!! I’m still chuckling…”and I have immunity“.  Brilliant.  I totally snorted my iced tea more than once on this post!  Thanks Kanalt : )

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin Dale
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 20:33:06

    I wanna play! However, I may have to sell a few of my “special” 75 Filofaxes in order to afford the trip to London. Unless there is a slow boat that goes there?!?
    And since so many other people think we’re crazy why not? I think we could even get on TV. Let’s go for it! I don’t want to crash the party though so I will wait until I am respectfully invited.

  2. SNARLing
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 21:51:35

    heh heh. you are hillLARIous!!! ok, a couple of questions:
    1) will there be any quickfire challenges? like, say, will we be given a list of random todos and be challenged to arrange them in as smooth of a workflow system as possible in like, 10 minutes, you know that sort of thing? and 2) only binders are eliminated? not philofaxians? as there are many malden carriers…just saying…(heh heh) and most importantly 3) will drinks be provided? or will we have to provide our own? please advise so i know how to pack as i’m all in baby! you all better watch your poppers cuz snarling’s got this one IN THE BAG!!

    ps – 75 filos? WHOA

  3. Steve
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 22:24:14

    I’m honoured to be invited…

    @Erin, I don’t believe it’s still at the 75 count!

  4. Laurie
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 05:59:02

    Oh it is ON!!!! Woop! Woop!

    I’m flattered you listed me as “sound of mind!” But truly, I am the voice of reason and I usually do turn out to be the one who keeps everyone in line. *cracks whip*

    And with my broad planner knowledge, I’ll be pullin’ out tricks you didn’t even know I had. Y’all won’t know what hit ya!

    *End smack-talking*

    Thank you for inviting me to The Island!

    PS I love that Rori is the Judge! I can just imagine her in a powdered wig!!

  5. Caribbean Princess
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 07:24:25

    Haha this made me laugh so hard! Also if I am giving away Bayswaters I want immunity too!
    🙂 well done Kanalt!
    I totally think Snarling would win it though!

  6. kanalt
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 10:36:56

    Thank you, Zoe for allowing me to post – it was great fun!

    And thank you everyone for your comments.

    @Erin – No need for a proper invite – just mentioning it is enough. Your (pretend) certified “invitation” is in the mail!

    @SNARL – In regards to the to-do challenges, what a fabulous idea!!! I like it. It’s not so much that Philofaxians will be eliminated, rather a winner will be chosen based on their insert design made specifically for the winning binder. You KNOW drinks will be provided – how else will drama ensue?

    @Steve – How could you NOT be invited???

  7. imysworld
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 11:21:21

    can this be made and thank you for including me, makes me feel special 🙂 i want to be on this show :-d eeek

  8. thezeitgeistofzoe
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 12:43:51

    um, if drink’s weren’t being served, zoe wouldn’t be playin’! she & her crux of a bin would wait for you guys at the bar ; )

    and i agree…snarles would TOTALLY win!!

  9. Steve
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 15:40:09

    I think we would loosen up with a few beers/wines inside us… but there’s at least two people on that list that I know don’t drink…

  10. J
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 15:51:00

    Bahahaha! This is AWESOME! I love how I read “however, those listed below have no choice in the matter” then look down… looks like I’ll be there! Crabby fiance in tow… he has plenty of cameras to capture all the ruckus!

    And I’ll second Snarles and Zoe… this competition needs some vino!!!

  11. kanalt
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 22:19:04

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Those who don’t drink can capture it all on film. Then again, we will have a camera crew for that… They can add the commentary.

    @CP – It comes down to you and me then, with the immunity, and SNARL because everyone else thinks she’d win it. So she can get the Filofax gift card and you and I can split the Bayswater bags. =) I like this idea!

  12. SNARLing
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 22:36:04

    ok, well, geez. i kinda wanted to compete and ‘make alliances’ and stuff (i don’t understand that whole make alliances thing actually and kinda hate those survivor shows although i LOVE top chef and project runway’s kinda fun)anyway since i get the gift card, then filotender, “FILOS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!!!”

  13. Ro
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 21:57:34

    Truly inspired. Can I be the crazy in the attic – kinda like Rochester’s wife? Ply me with a glass of red now and again and I swear I won’t speak a #fabfrugal word. 🙂

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